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A soulful journey of curating this Confluence that spans close to 900 hours as a Labour of Love has seen us connect with each Speaker, hear their story and share ours solely with the intention of being aligned to the Joy of Serving and raising the levels of consciousness across the Planet. We laughed, had our goose-bump moments and shed a few tears of joy of having connected with such beautiful people.

We proudly host brilliant speakers who are thought leaders and influencers and want to Do their BIT for the world. Healers, Therapists, Corporate professionals, Coaches, Animal Lovers, Music Therapists, Environmentalists, Wealth Experts and many more join hands as Many Heartbeats, One Rhythm to harmonize as ONE by sharing their stories and experiences in this Virtual Global Confluence on Excellence through Wellness.

Click on a card to hear them speak, or just immerse yourself in their stories on their social media pages. We welcome you to share in our collective journey! And don’t forget to join our growing community to hear more!


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