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Dr. Soumya Holla

Breast Cancer Surgeon, India


Dr Soumya Holla is a senior breast cancer surgeon from Bangalore in practice for the last decade. With years of experience under her wing, she has now opened a specialised boutique breast cancer centre called Holla Breast Centre in Jayanagar, 1st block. She has performed around 1000 surgeries for breast cancer, She is an expert in screening, diagnosis, counselling and holistic treatment. She is passionate about creating awareness amongst all members in the society to enable early diagnosis and improved cure rates. Holla Breast Centre is Karnataka’s first dedicated breast cancer hospital. Situated in the heart of the capital city, it offers services in the fields on surgery, medical and Gynaec oncology. Headed by the Director, Dr Soumya Holla, it offers patients an all round holistic approach for breast cancer. Starting from screening, the team follows a thorough diagnostic and treatment approach to all patients coming to the clinic. The team consists of surgeons, medical and radiation oncologists, counsellors and therapists and rehabilitation and pain management experts.

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