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Harpreet A. De. Singh

ED - Headquarters (Air India Ltd), India


Mrs. Harpreet A De Singh, the first lady CEO of an Indian Airline, has a Doctorate in Business Administration with specialization in “Ethical Business Management with Divinity, Purity and Soul consciousness”.  She is presently Executive Director – Headquarters of Air India and as a leader of aviation industry,  has broken  numerous glass ceilings as the first woman Pilot, the first lady Ground Instructor of Pilots, first DGCA approved lady Chief of Flight Safety. She has been Emergency Response Director and conceptualized ‘Angels of Air India’ a strong humanitarian work force to support in disaster management. Besides all the above, to help diverse people and the under privileged, as CEO of Spiritual Foundation called HARPS (Pure Soul – Love & Service for all) She is a Reiki Master, a healer, an NLP practitioner, Life Coach, past and present regression therapist. She has carried out various social work activities, especially in her role for woman empowerment as the President of IWPA (Indian Women Pilots Association).

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