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Jen Klein

The Conscious Negotiator, Canada


A former international lawyer, Jen Klein is also a certified Conscious Parenting Coach by acclaimed author and clinical psychologist Dr. Shefali Tsabary and a certified InnerGuidance Facilitator & Coach by international wisdom teacher Amara Samata. In 2018, Jen co-founded InnerGuidance Canada. Jen works with individuals, couples, parents and families.  She offers transformational coaching and programs both online and in-person to illuminate and unpack conditioning, belief systems and patterns that are hindering one’s ability to live their highest potential in all areas of life. As “The Conscious Negotiator,” she teaches clients how to shift the repetitive, destructive self-talk into a more conscious, optimized inner dialogue. Clients learn how to renegotiate their inner and outer world, thereby breaking through internal conflict and creating a new understanding and supportive relationship with themselves and others.

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