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Neha Wasan

Avid Horse Rider, USA


Neha Wasan is a certified yoga instructor, avid horse rider, and wine enthusiast. Having lived in 6 countries and moving over 8 times, animals have been a constant throughout her life since childhood. She has  had a number of pets ranging from dogs and bunnies to hamsters, fish, and turtles. She currently has an English bulldog and a lion head bunny. Animals have had an incredibly positive impact on the lives of me and her family members. On her worst days, she would come home to be greeted by such honest, loving, and loyal creatures. Besides the animals she had kept as pets, horses  fascinated me for as long as she could remember. “How did it feel like to ride a 500 kilogram animal? Were horses scary or dangerous? Could I put my trust in them?” During her time in Singapore, a polo club membership was what it took to muster the courage to begin horse riding lessons and explore the equine world at the age of 40. She was beyond excited to share my experiences and talk about the undeniable link animals have with the spiritual dimension and the positive impact these creatures can have on you.

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