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Patrick Meniboon

Courage Hacker, USA


Patrick Meniboon is the Courage Hacker. He is a Self-Mastery strategist, author of the upcoming book “Becoming Unmesswithable”, and on a mission to guide organizations and legacy-driven individuals to activate courage so that they can disarm their insecurities on demand and catapult their growth, fulfillment, and impact. Whether it is accomplished politicians, CEOs, celebrated individuals or unknown striving achievers looking to build a legacy, 100% of everyone has insecurities that show up at a time and place of its own choosing. Learning to master themselves and courage when the sirens of those insecurities go off is the hallmark of Patrick’s road-tested and proven ARM Self Mastery System to disarm their insecurities and excel. From a stuttering child to being named a district finalist in the 2015 Toastmaster World Championship of Public Speaking, Patrick challenged himself with the what seemed like an impossible goal: overcome stuttering, enter the toughest industry in the world, and become a professional speaker.

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